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Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder Burlar Alarm System, house with safety security chain around it ­An intruder alarm is specifically d­esigned to detect and indicate that someone has entered the building. The British Standard – Intruder Alarm Systems in buildings (EN50131 PD6662:2004.) defines an intru­der alarm system as:-

An electri­cal installation to detect and indicate the presence, entry or attempted entry of an intruder into protected premises.

The most well known and commonly installed of all alarm systems is the intruder alarm or more commonly known as the burglar alarm. Predominantly the intruder alarm operates when the building is empty but can also be set when only part of the building is in use i.e. the downstairs of a home can be alarmed when people are asleep upstairs. The system will respond to an attempted entry by activating a sounder.

Intruder alarms can be fitted that will call up pre-programmed contact numbers upon activation. The system can also be programmed to call up the programmed numbers when the alarm is unset and set. This is a cost effective measure to monitor the property via landline or mobile.

There are many different intruder alarm panels on the market, all similar and designed to achieve the same end, but distinctly different in operation facilities.

There are many different detection devices on the market ranging from simple door contacts, to various types of movement detectors, break glass sensors, vibration detectors and a variety of devices specifically designed for particular threats.

The system can be wired or wireless or a combination of both. This would be dependent on the customer's needs, ease of installation and budget.

The completed system is bespoke to the client, the business and premises. The system design is application based and will vary in size and complexity dependent upon the level of threat and risk the business may attract. ­


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